My Cherrrrie Amour
Doodle 'til I Drop


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Please box these up, mail them to me, and send me a bill. These are so unique, I have never seen anything like them (and that's coming from a bonafide stationary junkie). Keep up the good work!

Anna Maria

Wonderful!!! thanks for pointing me this way :) have a good thrusday xoAnna


Thank you for your lovely words.


Excellent work... very artistic, well done!!

Dreaming Bear

Very cool! Love the bubbles with the duckie faces peeking out of them!!!


happy idea!,
you are an artist,
i loooove this post!
elena from spain


So clever! I love them!


I love these! I'm getting married next week and was trying to think of ideas for homemade thank you cards. I think I may try a version of this!

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